Rae Saulino
OCREA President

Hello OCREA Members,

It looks like we are making strides with the Pandemic and the availability of vaccines as there are now three major vaccines available and more sites are opening up at more convenient locations.  Ocean County has approximately 200,000 Seniors who are eligible to receive vaccines.  It hasn’t been easy as sites close you out the minute your finger stops typing.  I know because it happened to me.  You have to be vigilant; and, sometimes the ‘old fashioned way’ i.e. making phone calls is the way to register if you aren’t computer literate or don’t have a computer.

Unfortunately, like it or not, the Computer/Digital Age is here and there’s no turning back from it. You can shop from home for groceries, prescriptions, clothes, appliances, etc. These experiences are new to many of us.  And, the above will be delivered to your doorstep without shipping charges in many cases.

I’ve been reluctant myself in becoming a ‘computer guru’ but have found that in order to be part of society and remain virile, there is no choice.  Remember the fable about the Hare and the Tortoise?  If you can or have been the Hare, that’s great.   Being the Tortoise is wonderful if you remember the end of the fable.  So, it’s never too late to learn something new or ask a family member or friend for assistance.

This issue of The President’s Message will be posted on the Website, will be published in The Wavelet and will be read at the next two ZOOM meetings.  Why? Because we are attempting to reach out to as many members as possible.  If you have a friend who doesn’t have access to a computer, why not share with that friend.  We are looking into the possibility of having limited copies of The Wavelet published and mailed to those OCREA members who don’t have a computer or computer access.  In the past, we’ve extended that courtesy to some of you who ‘don’t want to use their computer but do have access to one’.  I know, I know: change isn’t taken lightly.  Now, that the Pandemic has changed our way of reaching out to all members, we can’t have Luncheons and we can’t meet at all for Executive Board Meetings except for ZOOM meetings because authorized meeting offices aren’t open yet. The Women of the Wavelet aren’t able to meet.  Graciously, we are exploring alternate methods of getting The Wavelet to the publishing site, having copies picked up, folded and stamped for mailing.  All of these procedures are being worked out. Remember to read the Website as that is up-to-date!

We, the Officers, members of the Executive Board and the Women of the Wavelet send you all the best and hope that you get vaccinated. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll soon meet in person.  We miss you all and please: Stay Safe and Be Well.

Warm regards,

President OCREA


Hello OCREA Members,
This note is from me, President Rae Saulino, to THANK ALL THE OCREA MEMBER VOLUNTEERS.

When you receive The Wavelet, notices from the Officers and Executive Board Members, Newsletters and important information, did you ever think how all of this is accomplished?  Well, the answer is: from OCREA Volunteers. The Websiteis Jinny Hoden’s pride and joy and is constantly being reviewed by OCREA members.

There are so many instances that they rise to the occasion and volunteer routinely or ‘as the situation arises’ without hesitation.  So why am I writing this message?  I’m writing this message to let you know that this isn’t a closed club. There will be times that we do need your help and will reach out to you.

For instance, after theWaveletis completed by the donor authors which is overseen by Iver Kennedy, Ceil Colon, Jinny Hoden, Rich Miller, and sometimes others, the sample is either dropped off at the VoTech High School or transmitted electronically. The 1stVice President, Peggy Keane-Brett, makes the initial connection with the VTS and arranges for pick up and payment.  Then, the Women of the Wavelet (WOW)meet (when we are able) to fold the printed Wavelets, stamp them, put the decals to keep them folded and use the addresses furnished by NJEA/NJREA. The printed addresses are first sent to Nimfa Szarka for coordination which she does at home.  When completed, the printedWaveletsare picked up from the Vo-Tech High School after being printed.  It takes two members of the WOW to do this and they bring them to the meeting site for the WOW to complete the task.  After the folding, etc. they are brought to several different post offices for mailing, again, by WOW volunteers.

Because we still can’t assemble, getting The Waveletto members who don’t have a computer has become more difficult.  But, if you don’t have a computer, the Wavelets will be snail mailed to you but it will take more effort than reported above. And, I DOUBLE THANK these volunteers as the Pandemic has had us make alternate plans. Thank you, thank you!

In the future, we will be looking for volunteers to assist OCREA to prepare for OCREA’s 65thAnniversary Celebration. Think about helping when the call goes out and meet other OCREA volunteers.

OCREA thanks each and every volunteer.  And, like I always say: ……IT TAKES A VILLAGE! Disclaimer: if I inadvertently left you or your contribution out, I apologize.

Thank you Volunteers.

Warm regards,

OCREA President